7th June 2023

  • [New] Advanced setting on mobile to show memory cues in the player
  • [New] Advanced setting to change downloaded music folder
  • [New] Relocate multiple tracks
  • [Fixed] Cues don't refresh automatically in mobile player when receiving synced changes


29th May 2023

  • [Fixed] No tracks exported when selecting specific playlists in Export Traktor


25th May 2023

  • [Fixed] Synced track updates not saved to other devices


25th May 2023

  • [Fixed] Analysis stopped working in 1.7
  • [Fixed] Rekordbox 6 playlist tracks imported in wrong order


24th May 2023

  • [New] Click time in player to toggle count-up/count-down
  • [New] Added more keyboard shortcuts (toggle Settings, open Track Info, save cue)
  • [Improved] Reduced memory and increased performance throughout
  • [Fixed] Track list reverses order when changing rating and syncing
  • [Fixed] Track info changes on mobile not reflected until restart


22nd May 2023

  • [New] Auto-Export is now tiggered automatically on changes (moved to Settings/Advanced)
  • [Improved] Mobile stability for large libraries (up to 80k tracks)
  • [Improved] Mitigate track upload failures for Google Drive
  • [Improved] Smart Playlists are now editable and synced! Also added more options including match all or match any
  • [Improved] Significant speed improvement for Export Traktor
  • [Fixed] Imported junk in comments causes exported XML to fail in Rekordbox
  • [Fixed] Serato track colours not showing in MIXO after re-analysing
  • [Fixed] Serato parent crates not imported
  • [Fixed] Mobile waveform sometimes blank
  • [Fixed] White screen on open after closing to Dock on Mac
  • [Fixed] Error when exporting to Serato if the Subcrates folder doesn't exist
  • [Fixed] Search not working in some cases
  • [Fixed] Tracks not imported from iTunes M3U


13th May 2023

  • [New] Batch edit multiple tracks on desktop and mobile
  • [New] External Hard Drive Sync (desktop to desktop feature that skips track upload - simply swap drive/USB between computers)
  • [New] Track colours! - Imported from and exported to Serato - editable - sortable - desktop and mobile
  • [New] Beat jump controls on desktop and mobile
  • [Improved] Added filePath, Composer, Year, Comments and Remixer to track search
  • [Improved] When Auto-Play toggle is turned off, tracks are loaded into the player paused
  • [Improved] Logic for re-uploading and displaying waveforms
  • [Improved] Serato crate tree order now imported and exported
  • [Fixed] Waveforms not loading correctly when changing tracks on mobile


4th May 2023

  • [New] Import/Export page bookmarks
  • [New] Added 'Missing' and 'Uploaded' columns to make sorting tracks easier (reset track-list headings to enable)
  • [Improved] Only analyse new and updated tracks when importing from Serato or importing tracks on their own
  • [Improved] Only upload new tracks when importing from Serato
  • [Improved] Existing Serato beatgrids are retained when overwriting track ID3
  • [Improved] Prevent tracks with no filepaths from being imported
  • [Fixed] Prevent Serato parsing from getting stuck
  • [Fixed] Handle Serato bug that writes empty cues in OGG files. Fixed for analysis and writing to ID3
  • [Fixed] Hang on analysis if tracks have no filepaths (imported from XML/NML).


30th April 2023

  • [Fixed] iTunes XML ampersands not converted
  • [Fixed] Exported XML/NML don't work in DJ software in some circumstances
  • [Fixed] Import iTunes XML fails in some circumstances


27th Apil 2023

  • [Fixed] Import Engine DJ and export to XML/NML - some fail in DJ software


26th April 2023

  • [Fixed] Not all cues written to ID3 when exporting to Serato
  • [Fixed] PlayCount, energy and trackNumber not updated when re-analysing track
  • [Fixed] Silent error when backing up Serato folder during export
  • [Improved] Included playCount when analysing OGG files
  • [Improved] BPM and playCount now saved to ID3
  • [Improved] Better handling of missing tracks on mobile
  • [Improved] Better handling of failed track downloads on mobile


25th April 2023

  • [Fixed] Playlist downloads get stuck if connection is lost on mobile
  • [Improved] Faster when selection large numbers of tracks on desktop
  • [Improved] Spinner on mobile while loading large libraries


22nd April 2023

  • [Fixed] BPM not imported from iTunes XML
  • [Fixed] Rekordbox playlist/folder order not imported


18th April 2023

  • [New] Recently Added list on mobile
  • [New] Relocate missing files on desktop
  • [Improved] UI and layout
  • [Fixed] Swipe to delete not working on mobile
  • [Fixed] Error when parsing certain NML
  • [Fixed] Error when parsing Engine DJ


14th April 2023

  • [New] Advanced option to turn off auto-play next track
  • [New] Optional 'Recently Added' list
  • [Improved] UI and layout
  • [Improved] Faster preparing analysis queue step
  • [Fixed] Unable to start import when using drag/drop XML
  • [Fixed] Some NML files fail to parse/import
  • [Fixed] Playlists imported from Serato have wrong track order
  • [Fixed] Incorrect track order in exported playlist


6th April 2023

  • [New] Import Engine DJ database
  • [New] Option to delete tracks from within playlists
  • [New] Option to also delete tracks from hard drive
  • [New] Serato loops now imported from track ID3 tags
  • [New] Loops now saved to track ID3 tags for Serato export
  • [Improved] Faster import speeds for large imports
  • [Improved] Faster startup speed for large libraries
  • [Improved] Faster exports
  • [Improved] Time stamp in 'Added' column for accruate sorting
  • [Improved] Easier context-menu for adding new Folder/Playlist/Smart Playlist
  • [Improved] Folder selections now possible in export tree
  • [Improved] Serato database and crates are now backed-up on export (in Music/MIXO/Backups/Serato)
  • [Improved] More info displayed during initial sync or full-check
  • [Improved] Include Remixer and PlayCount from Traktor NML
  • [Fixed] Some tracks missing from large Virtual DJ import
  • [Fixed] Rare occurence of excessive whitespace in XML files (mainly from VDJ) causes hang or missing data
  • [Fixed] Parsing hangs when importing Traktor NML with only 1 playlist
  • [Fixed] Download paths not exported on second computer for Serato or VDJ


7th March 2023

  • [Fixed] Updating ID3 tags not working when exporting to Serato


6th March 2023

  • [Improved] Improved DJXML, v2.0
  • [Improved] Simplified Player and Track Info cue layout
  • [Improved] Traktor/VDJ grid cues now exported as normal cues for Rekordbox Export
  • [Improved] Convert Rekordbox first tempo tag to beatgrid cue when export VDJ
  • [Improved] Convert Rekordbox first tempo tag to AutoGrid cue when export Traktor
  • [Fixed] XML metadata showing html single and double quotes
  • [Fixed] NML tracks with single quotes in filePaths don't import
  • [Fixed] Corrupt database message when exporting to VDJ


28th February 2023

  • [New] Added info on Rekordbox export page about the XML import bug in Rekordbox
  • [New] 'Import complete' modal, with option to retry any failed uploads
  • [Improved] Files larger than 150MB can now be uploaded to Dropbox
  • [Improved] Handling loss of connection during Dropbox uploads
  • [Improved] NML AutoGrid/Grid cues are now also saved as tempos (for MIXO and RB beatgrids)
  • [Fixed] Imports from XML/NML show HTML-ampersands in folder names, playlist names, file paths and metadata
  • [Fixed] Traktor, iTunes and RB6 imports can fail in some cases


24th February 2023

  • [Fixed] Incorrect BPM saved for Traktor NML imports
  • [Fixed] Tracks with ampersands in file name don't import via Traktor NML import
  • [Fixed] Dropbox uploads get stuck if connection drops-out
  • [Fixed] Mobile downloads get stuck if connection drops-out


21st February 2023

  • [Improved] Reduced CPU load on mobile (reduces heat)
  • [Improved] Import progress overview text
  • [Improved] Faster existing-track-check when uploading to Google
  • [Fixed] Tracks not playing from cloud after re-uploading to Google
  • [Fixed] Waveforms not saved when downloading playlists
  • [Fixed] Custom track tags lost after changes from other devices (now synced!)
  • [Fixed] Hang on Update Smart Playlists step after cancelling previous upload
  • [Fixed] iTunes folders and playlist not imported in correct parents
  • [Fixed] Some NML playlists show 0 tracks on Windows


14th February 2023

  • [Fixed] NML tracks in folders with "/" in the title do not import
  • [Fixed] Waveforms not displaying on mobile if Dropbox connected
  • [Fixed] NML with SMARTLISTs fail to parse
  • [Fixed] Missing Traktor folder causes crash on parse
  • [Fixed] Tracks are sometimes duplicated in the track-list after login and sync


12th February 2023

  • [New] MIXO beatgrids (inc BPM analysis)
  • [New] Zoomed waveforms on mobile
  • [Improved] BPM is now editable in track info
  • [Improved] Hide 'M3U failed' message for empty playlists
  • [Improved] New import logic to avoid crash with very large XML/NMLs
  • [Improved] More info on Progress Overview while preparing upload steps
  • [Improved] Faster Upload Artwork step
  • [Improved] Start-up and sync performance for large libraries with lots of artwork
  • [Improved] When analysis is skipped, continue with upload
  • [Improved] Added 'key' to track list sort options on mobile
  • [Improved] Multiple tracks are now downloaded at once
  • [Fixed] Re-Analyse tracks uses last import setting for excluding waveform (same session)
  • [Fixed] Playlists and folders duplicated when re-importing VDJ
  • [Fixed] Playlist track order not saved when re-importing existing tracks from Serato
  • [Fixed] iTunes still showing default playlists on import page
  • [Fixed] New playlists added via the 'Add to' modal on mobile don't show in the list
  • [Fixed] Edited tracks lose their zoomed waveforms after syncing changes
  • [Fixed] Random hang on Update Smart Playlists step during import
  • [Fixed] Random hangs on Upload steps during import
  • [Fixed] Mobile player sometimes shows 3rd row of cues
  • [Fixed] Context menu for adding new playlists not possible with long list of playlists
  • [Fixed] Windows maximise icon not working
  • [Fixed] Sync error loop caused by large amounts of track data
  • [Fixed] Folders are duplicated in Google Drive
  • [Fixed] Mobile downloaded playlists show pink dots for missing tracks
  • [Fixed] Do not analyse tracks toggle does not work for XML
  • [Fixed] Downloading All Tracks or Playlists stalls occasionally
  • [Fixed] Hang on upload to Dropbox when auth fails
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