Coming soon...

  • [New] More secure login via browser redirect (and ability to use a password manager)
  • [New] More stable sync connection
  • [New] Faster sync to/from the cloud
  • [New] Added an option on mobile (Settings/Advanced) to display extra info in the track-list (Rating, BPM, Key)
  • [New] Added ability to add and edit Smart Playlists on mobile
  • [New] Serato beatgrid data is now imported from and exported to track tags
  • [Improved] Added the 'Key Display Format' setting to mobile as well (Settings/Advanced)
  • [Improved] Applied the correct 'Key Display Format' to keys in the track-list on mobile
  • [Improved] Applied the correct 'Key Display Format' to keys in the player on desktop and mobile
  • [Improved] Smart playlists now match keys based on 'Key Display Format' setting
  • [Improved] Traktor Cues with default "n.n." names are now corrected for import, export and around the app
  • [Improved] Track tags are now displayed and editable from the Track info page
  • [Improved] New VDJ default import path added for Windows
  • [Fixed] Date Added was not imported from Rekordbox XML
  • [Fixed] Import Date was not exported to Traktor NML
  • [Fixed] Release Date was not exported to Traktor NML
  • [Fixed] Track list would appear blank after logout/login
  • [Fixed] Downloaded tracks would get deleted as a result of track list not loading (related to issue above)
  • [Fixed] Upload would hang with nothing to upload after resetting Settings/Debug
  • [Fixed] Smart Playlist logic for 'Match Any' was not working correctly
  • [Fixed] Track list was defaulting to open key format on launch
  • [Fixed] Certain special symbols in VDJ playlist filePaths were not decoded, resulting in incorrect/missing tracks in playlists


5th April 2024

  • [Improved] Added a warning if Engine DJ is open when trying to export
  • [Improved] Larger colour icons for Track and Cue colour picker
  • [Improved] Downloaded tracks on desktop are no longer deleted unless the track is deleted from MIXO
  • [Improved] Beatport streaming links are now imported and exported correctly between Rekordbox, VirtualDJ and Traktor
  • [Improved] Soundcloud streaming links are now imported and exported correctly between Rekordbox and VirtualDJ
  • [Fixed] Incorrect import progress was displayed after subsequent imports
  • [Fixed] Smart Playlists were not updated if "Do not analysis tracks" setting is used for import
  • [Fixed] Streaming from Google Drive on desktop was failing after token expires
  • [Fixed] Import Traktor - beatport link tracks were missing from playlists
  • [Fixed] Import Rekordbox 6 with Exclude Analysis turned on - tracks were not uploaded
  • [Fixed] Export Serato - in rare cases it was not possible to save the export path
  • [Fixed] Export page would still show complete when returning to it
  • [Fixed] Export Engine DJ - random errors could cause incorrect or missing data


16th March 2024

  • [Fixed] Waveforms sometimes did not download from Google on secondary devices
  • [Fixed] Serato cue positions (1-8) were not imported or exported
  • [Fixed] Import Engine DJ could hang on 'Parsing...' in some cases
  • [Fixed] Turning off Auto-Play did not work for playlists
  • [Fixed] Incorrect status in notification area during import
  • [Fixed] Tracks sometimes not deleted from cloud


11th March 2024

  • [Fixed] Import VDJ - sometimes analysis starts again during other steps
  • [Fixed] Import Traktor - some playlists missing tracks


5th March 2024

  • [New] Icons show for imported Beatport/Soundcloud streaming tracks
  • [Improved] Signficantly faster Preparing step for Import Rekordbox 6
  • [Improved] Import VirtualDJ now allows changing XML file locations
  • [Improved] Added estimated time remaining for track uploads on Import Progress page
  • [Improved] Added support for Polish alphabet when exporting to Serato
  • [Fixed] Junk filePaths imported from badly formatted M3U files (including VDJ)
  • [Fixed] Libraries with a lot of folders and playlists are cut off at the bottom of the scroll list
  • [Fixed] Select/Deselect All not working correctly for playlists/folders
  • [Fixed] Unnecessary 'Order' files exported when using Export Playlists (M3U)
  • [Fixed] Track Size not imported from Rekordbox 6
  • [Fixed] Possibility that tracks can get uploaded to root of Google Drive
  • [Fixed] VDJ was not checking additional local drives when searching for XML files
  • [Fixed] Import Traktor shows 0 tracks in playlists if NML drive names contain HTML
  • [Fixed] Several small improvements to mitigate failed Imports/Exports
  • [Fixed] Incorrect volume name exported in Traktor NML on mac
  • [Fixed] Incorrect rating displayed in Windows folders after updating ID3 tags
  • [Fixed] Certain tracks not updated when updating ID3 tags
  • [Fixed] VDJ Virtual Folders and playlists in root of external drives not parsed
  • [Fixed] Key and Energy not imported during M4A analysis
  • [Fixed] Importing specific VDJ playlists results in 0 playlists tracks


23rd January 2024

  • [New] Export to Engine DJ direct
  • [New] Watch Folder - automatically imports tracks added to a folder on your drive (+ syncs to your other devices)
  • [New] VirtualDJ Virtual Folders and Playlists are now parsed and imported together
  • [New] Added option 'Delete Duplicate Cues' to Cue Converter
  • [Improved] Added spinner while fetching cues on Cue Converter tool and improved info
  • [Improved] Now saves Mix (SubTitle), EnergyLevel and Disc# from track tags during analysis
  • [Fixed] Track Info page does not stay open if opened from search results
  • [Fixed] DiscNumber column not working in track list
  • [Fixed] Tapping outside Delete Track modal to close it still deletes track on mobile


9th January 2024

  • [New] Bad Track Remover tool for tracks with bad filePaths that cause problems in exported XML/NML files etc
  • [Fixed] Bad filePaths imported from corrupted Serato crates
  • [Fixed] Hot fix for XML/NML exports related to bad filePaths
  • [Fixed] The new RB6 colour setting did not work in some cases


6th January 2024

  • [New] Cue Conversion tools
  • [New] Cue colour setting (Settings/Advanced) for Rekordbox 6 imports when using COLD1/COLD2 or COLORFUL in Rekordbox Preferences
  • [Improved] Available space check now checks download folder location rather than just the local drive
  • [Improved] Memory cue colours now imported from Rekordbox 6
  • [Improved] Duplicate checker - grouped tracks are now sorted by size, then bitRate, then playlist tracks, then cues (with the selected option being last)
  • [Improved] Duplicate checker - groups are now sorted so the most duplicates are displayed first
  • [Fixed] Serato crates with special characters are not parsed correctly
  • [Fixed] Analysis fails to find/save metadata for certain tracks
  • [Fixed] Cues/Loop names with accented or special characters don't import correctly from ID3 tags
  • [Fixed] Export DJXML - if the first track in the Library section (Id="0") exists in playlists, the playlist track is not exported
  • [Fixed] Update ID3 Tags - partial fix for writing cues with special characters (cues now written but names are not shown in Serato)


28th December 2023

  • [Fixed] VDJ Import fails if lots of cue points exist in database.xml
  • [Fixed] Incorrect playlist order when importing Traktor NML with playlists containing 0 tracks


21st December 2023

  • [Improved] Added "Tags" to smart playlist filters options for MIXO Custom Tags
  • [Improved] Increased default artwork size
  • [Fixed] Relocate tracks fails if hidden folders with restricted access exist in selected folder
  • [Fixed] Smart playlists with multiple filters not working correctly


15th December 2023

  • [Fixed] Cues and tempos not importing (regression in v1.44)


14th December 2023

  • [Improved] Import Serato, M3U, CSV and Tracks now saves tracks using just filePath before analysis
  • [Improved] Import Serato, M3U, CSV now saves playlist tracks before analysis
  • [Improved] Remove more hidden characters from metadata and filePaths (which cause import/export/upload failures) when importing from Rekordbox 6 or Engine DJ
  • [Fixed] Correct track size calculations on macOS
  • [Fixed] Import VDJ does not analyse tracks
  • [Fixed] Random errors causing Import/Export VDJ to fail


5th December 2023

  • [Improved] Increased limits for number of backups (Settings/Backups)
  • [Improved] Total size of backups folder now shown (Settings/Backups)
  • [Fixed] No playlist tracks added when importing Serato SmartCrates
  • [Fixed] No tracks shown in Recently Added on Mobile
  • [Fixed] Sorting, skipping or reordering when paused restarts the track on mobile


1st December 2023

  • [Fixed] Restart parse process in the event of crash during parsing a large XML/NML
  • [Fixed] Import Serato: tracks missing from Nested Playlists (regression from v1.41)
  • [Fixed] Possible error and hang during parsing for Import VirtualDJ


29th November 2023

  • [Improved] Much faster Export Serato
  • [Fixed] Incorrect parsed order for Import Serato (regression from v1.39)


27th November 2023

  • [New] Added more smart playlist options and match-types
  • [New] Added sync connection status icon in the title bar
  • [New] Added sync connection status and an option to force check for changes on the Cloud page
  • [New] Added option on Debug page to Re-Sync Library
  • [Improved] Memory and performance boost when importing large XML/NML files
  • [Improved] All available VDJ database.xml files are now parsed and imported together
  • [Improved] Faster Saving Playlists step when re-importing from VDJ or Serato
  • [Fixed] Some cues/loops imported incorrectly from Engine DJ
  • [Fixed] Greyed-out broken track status stopped working since v1.38
  • [Fixed] Remove text from TrackNumber during analysis
  • [Fixed] Remove text from TrackNumber when exporting to XML (fixes parse failures in Rekordbox)


16th November 2023

  • [Improved] More accurate playlist/folder duplicate detection when re-importing (all import types)
  • [Improved] Updated the default VirtualDJ import path on Mac
  • [Improved] Reduced overhead during saving step for Import VirtualDJ and Import M3U
  • [Improved] Blocked Import pages from parsing during imports
  • [Improved] Blocked Export buttons during exports
  • [Fixed] Rekordbox 6 and Engine DJ imports may hang on import page before redirecting to the Progress page (fixes issue when clicking Import multiple times)
  • [Fixed] Importing libraries with lots of folder nesting and duplicate names resulted in incorrect order and missing playlists/folders (Serato, VDJ, Rekordbox XML, iTunes XML, Traktor NML)
  • [Fixed] Some keys not exported to Traktor (F#, 2B, 7d)


7th November 2023

  • [New] Added option to download missing tracks in downloaded playlists
  • [Improved] Small performance improvements in the track list
  • [Improved] 'Check Existence' in context menu automatically adds missing downloaded tracks to the download queue (desktop)
  • [Improved] 'Re-Check Library' in Settings/Actions automatically adds missing downloaded tracks to the download queue (desktop)
  • [Improved] Faster processing time when downloading lots of tracks
  • [Improved] Pink dots now show immediately after tracks are downloaded
  • [Fixed] Folder order not syncing correctly when manually adding new playlists or folders
  • [Fixed] Downloads continue when turning off Playlist download toggle or Download All toggle (desktop)
  • [Fixed] Possible fix for random hangs during track downloads
  • [Fixed] Possible download loop when downloading playlists on mobile


1st November 2023

  • [New] Key Converter tool (from Camelot, Open or Musical key, to Open or Musical format)
  • [New] Advanced Setting for key display format (choose Camelot, Open, Musical or original key)
  • [New] Color-coded keys in track-list
  • [New] Added option on hover to remove unchecked tracks from duplicate groups of more than 3 tracks
  • [Improved] Faster saving step when re-importing
  • [Improved] Faster when selecting lots of playlists and folders to delete
  • [Improved] Less risk of memory related failures when deleting and re-importing large libraries
  • [Improved] Convert Traktor keys to open key format on import
  • [Improved] Export musical keys (from any format) to Traktor
  • [Improved] Slight performance improvements for large Duplicate/Orphaned Track results
  • [Improved] Renamed Alerts to Actions, improved layout and added more buttons for Missing Tracks
  • [Fixed] More accurate local disk space for Mac on Account page
  • [Fixed] Traktor NML files with BeatSource tracks fail to parse
  • [Fixed] Folder names with certain special characters cause downloads to hang on Windows
  • [Fixed] More than 1 tracks to keep could be selected in Duplicate Finder groups
  • [Fixed] Downloaded tracks on other devices removed and re-downloaded after reimporting and syncing on primary device


18th October 2023

  • [New] Added new Tool 'Find And Replace'
  • [Improved] Faster parsing of large Engine DJ libraries
  • [Improved] Performance improvements in all areas of the app
  • [Improved] Added BitRate columns to Duplicates results table
  • [Improved] After adding orphaned tracks to a single playlist, the UI navigates to that playlist
  • [Improved] Removed unnecessary icon titles on hover
  • [Fixed] Relocate Tracks sometimes seems to do nothing
  • [Fixed] Check Existence sometimes seems to do nothing
  • [Fixed] Artwork does not always refresh automatically
  • [Fixed] Serato/VDJ fail to export if Backups folder does not exist
  • [Fixed] Dropbox may fail to start uploading due to token refresh loop
  • [Fixed] Tracks not showing in Queue


13th October 2023

  • [Improved] Default Import/Export pages
  • [Improved] Added Relocate button to Tools/Alerts page for missing tracks
  • [Improved] Relocate tracks modal now appears immediately when selecting a large number of tracks
  • [Improved] Added permanent link to Logs Folder in top right of Import Progress page
  • [Improved] Moved Track Info option to top of context menu on desktop
  • [Fixed] Unable to connect cloud


12th October 2023

  • [New] Added new Tool 'Orphan Track Finder'
  • [Improved] You can now search All Tracks from any page
  • [Improved] Serato folders on additional drives are also backed up on export
  • [Improved] Renamed External Hard Drive Sync to "Skip Upload Tracks"
  • [Improved] Alerts when trying to upload and "Skip Upload Tracks" is on
  • [Improved] Removed redundant settings
  • [Improved] Always save file type in uppercase
  • [Fixed] Unable to add memory cues on mobile (when "Show Memory Cues In Player" is on in Settings/Advanced)
  • [Fixed] "Track size" on Account page may show "NaN"
  • [Fixed] Further bad data discovered that can cause exported NMLs to fail when imported into Traktor
  • [Fixed] Incorrect Date Added imported from Engine DJ


3rd October 2023

  • [New] Alert on second computer when exporting playlists with non-downloaded tracks (and not using External Drive Sync)
  • [New] Added new keyboard shortcut for saving track info (Ctrl/Cmd + S)
  • [Improved] VirtualDJ playlist/folder order is now exported correctly
  • [Fixed] Hang with final few tracks at the end of uploading to Dropbox
  • [Fixed] Syncing changes from mobile not working since previous release
  • [Fixed] Export Traktor NML - tracks don't play in Traktor 3.9
  • [Fixed] Importing Traktor NML exported from MIXO may fail and hang on parse if tracks are missing titles
  • [Fixed] Engine DJ playlist tracks not imported in correct order
  • [Fixed] Queued playlists not showing on Downloads page on desktop
  • [Fixed] Slight style error on mobile waveform when no BPM
  • [Fixed] Possible error that might prevent Serato/VDJ backups from succeeding
  • [Fixed] Deleted tracks/playlists still get imported from Rekordbox 6
  • [Fixed] Serato deletes crates exported from MIXO (most likely if imported from Traktor)


28th September 2023

  • [New] Tools tab with useful tools and alerts
  • [New] Backups page with info and an easy access link to the backups folder
  • [Improved] Serato playlist ordering file is now backed up on export
  • [Improved] VDJ Playlists folder and database both backed up on export
  • [Improved] Added open folder icons to Advanced Settings
  • [Improved] Recently Added is now on by default for new users (turn off in Advanced)
  • [Improved] Custom Tags moved to Tools tab
  • [Improved] Visual progress when importing lots of tracks via Import Tracks
  • [Fixed] Possibility that sync can begin before saving or upload has completed
  • [Fixed] Playlists order changes/flickers when changes are made
  • [Fixed] Upload progress was not always displaying after reload/restart
  • [Fixed] Various possible causes for stalled uploads


22nd September 2023

  • [New] iPad support (downloads are saved to Files app so you can import them into DJay Pro)
  • [New] Button to Open Logs Folder from Debug page
  • [Improved] Folders can now be selected via the file browser on Import Tracks
  • [Improved] Playlist track count is now shown on Import pages for VDJ, Rekordbox 6 and EngineDJ
  • [Improved] VDJ and EngineDJ playlists/folders are now parsed/imported in correct order
  • [Fixed] VDJ playlists appear duplicated after import + might be empty in rare circumstances
  • [Fixed] FilePaths are blank in exports on second devices when 'External Hard Drive Sync' is on
  • [Fixed] 'All Tracks' order changes/flickers when playing tracks and sort criteria finds multiple identical matches
  • [Fixed] Tracks with forward-slash separators don't open in Windows Explorer
  • [Fixed] Regression in import speed for Serato playlists
  • [Fixed] Old/unknown playlists imported from EngineDJ


18th September 2023

  • [New] Button on Downloads page to open local download folder (or Files app on iOS)
  • [Improved] Context menu option for 'Open in Finder/Explorer' now works for Downloaded Tracks
  • [Improved] FilePath duplicate checking logic has been improved to allow for differences between software
  • [Fixed] Individual playlists added to an empty library don't show immediately
  • [Fixed] XML is not parsed in Rekordbox if bad data exists in any elements
  • [Fixed] Playlists appear duplicated when importing from Serato
  • [Fixed] Empty tracks added when using Add To Playlist context menu
  • [Fixed] All Tracks order jumps around when playing tracks and sorted order has a lot of empty values


7th September 2023

  • [Improved] Reduced memory usage for large libraries with lots of large playlists
  • [Improved] New playlists and folders are added to the top of the parent folder
  • [Fixed] Possibility for incorrect playlist and folder order on other devices
  • [Fixed] Relaunch to Install not working for macOS in-app updates
  • [Fixed] Unable to turn off Update ID3 tags when exporting to Serato
  • [Fixed] Traktor folder structure not parsed correctly if mix of Smartlists and Playlists
  • [Fixed] Some Traktor NMLs (exported from MIXO) fail to parse in Traktor after importing from Rekordbox 6


1st September 2023

  • [New] Separate Export option to write ID3 tags
  • [New] Context menu for "Check Existence" to highlight missing tracks
  • [Improved] Faster preparation before downloading tracks on desktop
  • [Improved] Faster launch and faster export for libaries with lots of large playlists
  • [Improved] Added conversions for upturned Latin V in filePaths when exporting to Serato
  • [Fixed] Playlist have no tracks if exported immediately after syncing
  • [Fixed] Sync might fail and get stuck in a loop after adding large playlists
  • [Fixed] Tracks with backslash in Mac filePaths don't export to Serato
  • [Fixed] Apostrophe HTML code not converted when importing iTunes XML


30th August 2023

  • [Improved] Export Serato toggle for updating ID3 tags is now on by default
  • [Fixed] Tracks with single quotes in the filePath do not export to Serato
  • [Fixed] ID3 tags for downloaded tracks on second device don't update
  • [Fixed] Regression in last update where first playlist track is missing when exporting Rekordbox playlists


29th August 2023

  • [New] Total tracks size added to the Account page
  • [Improved] Broken track status is now removed if the track works on mobile
  • [Improved] Tracks now download sequentially in playlist track order on mobile
  • [Improved] You can now click to open the track location in the Duplicate Checker results
  • [Improved] Included artist comparison in Duplicater Checker
  • [Fixed] Multiple genres not saved correctly during analysis
  • [Fixed] Exported Rekordbox XML playlists missing first track
  • [Fixed] Incorrect sorting when selecting 'Playlists' in Duplicate Checker
  • [Fixed] Singular entries in Duplicate Checker results
  • [Fixed] Not possible to turn off queued downloaded playlists on mobile
  • [Fixed] Playlists continue to download after turning off toggle on mobile
  • [Fixed] Playlist don't show download progress after reload on mobile
  • [Fixed] Duplicate tracks could be downloaded if download was interrupted on mobile
  • [Fixed] Importing from Engine DJ can result in missing tracks


21st August 2023

  • [Fixed] Rekordbox 6 playlists not parsing on import page


21st August 2023

  • [Fixed] Traktor folder structure not imported correctly


18th August 2023

  • [New] Added support for AVI, MOV and OGV to be played as audio tracks
  • [Fixed] Rekordbox cloud paths are imported instead of local paths from Rekordbox 6
  • [Fixed] Undefined folders can be imported from Rekordbox 6
  • [Fixed] Nested playlists not exporting to Serato


3rd August 2023

  • [New] Downloaded (playlist) tracks now show in the Files app on iOS - for importing into DjayPro
  • [Fixed] Tracks fail to analyse when importing DJayPro CSV if exported playlist rather than history
  • [Fixed] Empty playlist tracks can get imported in rare cases


27th July 2023

  • [Improved] Password box on 'Change Email' page no longer looks pre-filled
  • [Improved] Playlists listed on Track Info are now clickable
  • [Fixed] OneDrive uploads fail for tracks with certain special characters
  • [Fixed] Reduced risk of hang/slow sync after deleting lots of tracks
  • [Fixed] Incorrect artwork queue after using context option for "Upload Tracks"
  • [Fixed] iTunes XML should be ordered alphabetically to parse correctly


24th July 2023

  • [New] Edit track colours directly from track list
  • [New] Horizontal scroll added to the track-list
  • [Fixed] OneDrive upload hang on Windows
  • [Fixed] Sync may get stuck in a loop after importing


18th July 2023

  • [Improved] Import/Export UserColor for VDJ
  • [Improved] Faster import speed for VDJ (+ clearer saving status text)
  • [Fixed] Long bitRate values saved during analysis are not trimmed
  • [Fixed] BitRate also exported as Sample Rate in Export iTunes XML
  • [Fixed] DateAdded not syncing, causing it to disappear when making changes on another device
  • [Fixed] Mobile waveform is lost after reimporting tracks
  • [Fixed] Possibility for hang on Upload Artwork step for 10 or less artwork
  • [Fixed] Possibility for hang when uploading to Dropbox and tracks exist
  • [Fixed] Possibility that waveforms, tracks or artwork may fail to download from Dropbox
  • [Fixed] Some playlists imported from Traktor do not export to other software (Serato in particular)
  • [Fixed] Playlists automatically created by MIXO after importing Serato crates containing tracks and crates is prepended with a dash to fix duplicate naming issues in Rekordbox


13th July 2023

  • [Fixed] Import Serato order slightly wrong if root smart crates
  • [Fixed] If using Import/Export page bookmarks, the link is not highlighted


12th July 2023

  • [New] List of playlists the track appears in added to Track Info
  • [Improved] Import and export Rekordbox track colours
  • [Fixed] Some track ID3 tags not updated when Export Serato
  • [Fixed] Colour resets when click 'Cancel' in track colour modal on track info page
  • [Fixed] BitRate imported via analysis now supports larger than 3 digits
  • [Fixed] Import Serato parsed order and imported order not correct


8th July 2023

  • [Fixed] Export Serato no crates were exported if no folders exist
  • [Fixed] Export Serato neworder.pref file was incorrectly prepended with folder name


7th July 2023

  • [Fixed] Export page 'Change Location' and folder paths


6th July 2023

  • [New] OneDrive integration (** Android streaming is currently not possible - download playlists instead **)
  • [New] Option to make second device the primary device after downloading all music (Settings/Cloud)
  • [Improved] 'Change Location' on Export Playlist and Export Serato pages is now a directory picker
  • [Fixed] Clicking "Relaunch to Install" updates on macOS only minimises the app
  • [Fixed] Random progress hang before upload stages begin
  • [Fixed] Possibility for progress hang before uploading artwork to Dropbox
  • [Fixed] Traktor BitRate imported/exported incorrectly
  • [Fixed] Export M3U also exports undefined.m3u
  • [Fixed] Tracks with dashes missing after exporting to Serato
  • [Fixed] Random tracks might have '.set' filePaths after Import Traktor NML
  • [Fixed] Download All music does not begin until reload


21st June 2023

  • [Improved] Added 'Stop' and 'Deselect All' buttons to Duplicate Checker
  • [Improved] Some small style and lots of performance improvements throughout
  • [Fixed] Re-running Duplicate Checker shows previous duplicates count
  • [Fixed] Parsing engine DJ from USB


20th June 2023

  • [New] Simple duplicate checker
  • [Improved] More options added to 3 dots next to tracks on mobile
  • [Fixed] Inaccurate 'download location' text in Download All modal (Settings/Cloud)
  • [Fixed] 'Open Download Folder' always opens default location (Settings/Cloud)
  • [Fixed] Sometimes deleting folders with nested playlists can fail
  • [Fixed] Nested playlists sometimes don't show immediately after import, until reload
  • [Fixed] Rekordbox export may fail in some circumstances


7th June 2023

  • [New] Advanced setting on mobile to show memory cues in the player
  • [New] Advanced setting to change downloaded music folder
  • [New] Relocate multiple tracks
  • [Fixed] Cues don't refresh automatically in mobile player when receiving synced changes


29th May 2023

  • [Fixed] No tracks exported when selecting specific playlists in Export Traktor


25th May 2023

  • [Fixed] Synced track updates not saved to other devices


25th May 2023

  • [Fixed] Analysis stopped working in 1.7
  • [Fixed] Rekordbox 6 playlist tracks imported in wrong order


24th May 2023

  • [New] Click time in player to toggle count-up/count-down
  • [New] Added more keyboard shortcuts (toggle Settings, open Track Info, save cue)
  • [Improved] Reduced memory and increased performance throughout
  • [Fixed] Track list reverses order when changing rating and syncing
  • [Fixed] Track info changes on mobile not reflected until restart


22nd May 2023

  • [New] Auto-Export is now tiggered automatically on changes (moved to Settings/Advanced)
  • [Improved] Mobile stability for large libraries (up to 80k tracks)
  • [Improved] Mitigate track upload failures for Google Drive
  • [Improved] Smart Playlists are now editable and synced! Also added more options including match all or match any
  • [Improved] Significant speed improvement for Export Traktor
  • [Fixed] Imported junk in comments causes exported XML to fail in Rekordbox
  • [Fixed] Serato track colours not showing in MIXO after re-analysing
  • [Fixed] Serato parent crates not imported
  • [Fixed] Mobile waveform sometimes blank
  • [Fixed] White screen on open after closing to Dock on Mac
  • [Fixed] Error when exporting to Serato if the Subcrates folder doesn't exist
  • [Fixed] Search not working in some cases
  • [Fixed] Tracks not imported from iTunes M3U


13th May 2023

  • [New] Batch edit multiple tracks on desktop and mobile
  • [New] External Hard Drive Sync (desktop to desktop feature that skips track upload - simply swap drive/USB between computers)
  • [New] Track colours! - Imported from and exported to Serato - editable - sortable - desktop and mobile
  • [New] Beat jump controls on desktop and mobile
  • [Improved] Added filePath, Composer, Year, Comments and Remixer to track search
  • [Improved] When Auto-Play toggle is turned off, tracks are loaded into the player paused
  • [Improved] Logic for re-uploading and displaying waveforms
  • [Improved] Serato crate tree order now imported and exported
  • [Fixed] Waveforms not loading correctly when changing tracks on mobile


4th May 2023

  • [New] Import/Export page bookmarks
  • [New] Added 'Missing' and 'Uploaded' columns to make sorting tracks easier (reset track-list headings to enable)
  • [Improved] Only analyse new and updated tracks when importing from Serato or importing tracks on their own
  • [Improved] Only upload new tracks when importing from Serato
  • [Improved] Existing Serato beatgrids are retained when overwriting track ID3
  • [Improved] Prevent tracks with no filepaths from being imported
  • [Fixed] Prevent Serato parsing from getting stuck
  • [Fixed] Handle Serato bug that writes empty cues in OGG files. Fixed for analysis and writing to ID3
  • [Fixed] Hang on analysis if tracks have no filepaths (imported from XML/NML).


30th April 2023

  • [Fixed] iTunes XML ampersands not converted
  • [Fixed] Exported XML/NML don't work in DJ software in some circumstances
  • [Fixed] Import iTunes XML fails in some circumstances


27th Apil 2023

  • [Fixed] Import Engine DJ and export to XML/NML - some fail in DJ software


26th April 2023

  • [Fixed] Not all cues written to ID3 when exporting to Serato
  • [Fixed] PlayCount, energy and trackNumber not updated when re-analysing track
  • [Fixed] Silent error when backing up Serato folder during export
  • [Improved] Included playCount when analysing OGG files
  • [Improved] BPM and playCount now saved to ID3
  • [Improved] Better handling of missing tracks on mobile
  • [Improved] Better handling of failed track downloads on mobile


25th April 2023

  • [Fixed] Playlist downloads get stuck if connection is lost on mobile
  • [Improved] Faster when selection large numbers of tracks on desktop
  • [Improved] Spinner on mobile while loading large libraries


22nd April 2023

  • [Fixed] BPM not imported from iTunes XML
  • [Fixed] Rekordbox playlist/folder order not imported


18th April 2023

  • [New] Recently Added list on mobile
  • [New] Relocate missing files on desktop
  • [Improved] UI and layout
  • [Fixed] Swipe to delete not working on mobile
  • [Fixed] Error when parsing certain NML
  • [Fixed] Error when parsing Engine DJ


14th April 2023

  • [New] Advanced option to turn off auto-play next track
  • [New] Optional 'Recently Added' list
  • [Improved] UI and layout
  • [Improved] Faster preparing analysis queue step
  • [Fixed] Unable to start import when using drag/drop XML
  • [Fixed] Some NML files fail to parse/import
  • [Fixed] Playlists imported from Serato have wrong track order
  • [Fixed] Incorrect track order in exported playlist


6th April 2023

  • [New] Import Engine DJ database
  • [New] Option to delete tracks from within playlists
  • [New] Option to also delete tracks from hard drive
  • [New] Serato loops now imported from track ID3 tags
  • [New] Loops now saved to track ID3 tags for Serato export
  • [Improved] Faster import speeds for large imports
  • [Improved] Faster startup speed for large libraries
  • [Improved] Faster exports
  • [Improved] Time stamp in 'Added' column for accruate sorting
  • [Improved] Easier context-menu for adding new Folder/Playlist/Smart Playlist
  • [Improved] Folder selections now possible in export tree
  • [Improved] Serato database and crates are now backed-up on export (in Music/MIXO/Backups/Serato)
  • [Improved] More info displayed during initial sync or full-check
  • [Improved] Include Remixer and PlayCount from Traktor NML
  • [Fixed] Some tracks missing from large Virtual DJ import
  • [Fixed] Rare occurence of excessive whitespace in XML files (mainly from VDJ) causes hang or missing data
  • [Fixed] Parsing hangs when importing Traktor NML with only 1 playlist
  • [Fixed] Download paths not exported on second computer for Serato or VDJ


7th March 2023

  • [Fixed] Updating ID3 tags not working when exporting to Serato


6th March 2023

  • [Improved] Improved DJXML, v2.0
  • [Improved] Simplified Player and Track Info cue layout
  • [Improved] Traktor/VDJ grid cues now exported as normal cues for Rekordbox Export
  • [Improved] Convert Rekordbox first tempo tag to beatgrid cue when export VDJ
  • [Improved] Convert Rekordbox first tempo tag to AutoGrid cue when export Traktor
  • [Fixed] XML metadata showing html single and double quotes
  • [Fixed] NML tracks with single quotes in filePaths don't import
  • [Fixed] Corrupt database message when exporting to VDJ


28th February 2023

  • [New] Added info on Rekordbox export page about the XML import bug in Rekordbox
  • [New] 'Import complete' modal, with option to retry any failed uploads
  • [Improved] Files larger than 150MB can now be uploaded to Dropbox
  • [Improved] Handling loss of connection during Dropbox uploads
  • [Improved] NML AutoGrid/Grid cues are now also saved as tempos (for MIXO and RB beatgrids)
  • [Fixed] Imports from XML/NML show HTML-ampersands in folder names, playlist names, file paths and metadata
  • [Fixed] Traktor, iTunes and RB6 imports can fail in some cases


24th February 2023

  • [Fixed] Incorrect BPM saved for Traktor NML imports
  • [Fixed] Tracks with ampersands in file name don't import via Traktor NML import
  • [Fixed] Dropbox uploads get stuck if connection drops-out
  • [Fixed] Mobile downloads get stuck if connection drops-out


21st February 2023

  • [Improved] Reduced CPU load on mobile (reduces heat)
  • [Improved] Import progress overview text
  • [Improved] Faster existing-track-check when uploading to Google
  • [Fixed] Tracks not playing from cloud after re-uploading to Google
  • [Fixed] Waveforms not saved when downloading playlists
  • [Fixed] Custom track tags lost after changes from other devices (now synced!)
  • [Fixed] Hang on Update Smart Playlists step after cancelling previous upload
  • [Fixed] iTunes folders and playlist not imported in correct parents
  • [Fixed] Some NML playlists show 0 tracks on Windows


14th February 2023

  • [Fixed] NML tracks in folders with "/" in the title do not import
  • [Fixed] Waveforms not displaying on mobile if Dropbox connected
  • [Fixed] NML with SMARTLISTs fail to parse
  • [Fixed] Missing Traktor folder causes crash on parse
  • [Fixed] Tracks are sometimes duplicated in the track-list after login and sync


12th February 2023

  • [New] MIXO beatgrids (inc BPM analysis)
  • [New] Zoomed waveforms on mobile
  • [Improved] BPM is now editable in track info
  • [Improved] Hide 'M3U failed' message for empty playlists
  • [Improved] New import logic to avoid crash with very large XML/NMLs
  • [Improved] More info on Progress Overview while preparing upload steps
  • [Improved] Faster Upload Artwork step
  • [Improved] Start-up and sync performance for large libraries with lots of artwork
  • [Improved] When analysis is skipped, continue with upload
  • [Improved] Added 'key' to track list sort options on mobile
  • [Improved] Multiple tracks are now downloaded at once
  • [Fixed] Re-Analyse tracks uses last import setting for excluding waveform (same session)
  • [Fixed] Playlists and folders duplicated when re-importing VDJ
  • [Fixed] Playlist track order not saved when re-importing existing tracks from Serato
  • [Fixed] iTunes still showing default playlists on import page
  • [Fixed] New playlists added via the 'Add to' modal on mobile don't show in the list
  • [Fixed] Edited tracks lose their zoomed waveforms after syncing changes
  • [Fixed] Random hang on Update Smart Playlists step during import
  • [Fixed] Random hangs on Upload steps during import
  • [Fixed] Mobile player sometimes shows 3rd row of cues
  • [Fixed] Context menu for adding new playlists not possible with long list of playlists
  • [Fixed] Windows maximise icon not working
  • [Fixed] Sync error loop caused by large amounts of track data
  • [Fixed] Folders are duplicated in Google Drive
  • [Fixed] Mobile downloaded playlists show pink dots for missing tracks
  • [Fixed] Do not analyse tracks toggle does not work for XML
  • [Fixed] Downloading All Tracks or Playlists stalls occasionally
  • [Fixed] Hang on upload to Dropbox when auth fails
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