18th July 2024

  • [New] VDJ loops now show in the player (loops section) and in Track Info
  • [New] VDJ loops are now converted and exported to other apps
  • [New] Loops are now also exported to VDJ
  • [New] Added button to Cue Converter Tool to remove all grid and AutoGrid cues
  • [New] Added button to Cue Converter Tool to copy memory cues to hot cues
  • [New] Added Advanced option to exclude TRAKTOR AutoGrid cues when exporting (Settings/Advanced)
  • [New] Added 2 new options to Advanced Settings to exclude MIK or Serato cues during analysis (Settings/Advanced)
  • [Improved] Export page now loads playlist tree super-fast for large libraries
  • [Improved] Minor performance and layout improvements
  • [Improved] Track search now filters results by matching all space-separated terms
  • [Improved] More accurate beatgrid (fixes drift)
  • [Improved] Cues and Loops just named "Cue" and "Loop" are now suffixed with sequential numbering
  • [Improved] Improved export logic to mitigate missing cues/loops if they have no or the same slots numbers
  • [Improved] VDJ Playlists and Folders spread across multiple drives are now parsed together
  • [Fixed] Visible root folders would sometimes show in 'Playlist Recovery' tool
  • [Fixed] Playlist track count not displaying on mobile
  • [Fixed] Tracks with no BPM would show 'No BPM' overlapping 'GRID' button on mobile waveform
  • [Fixed] Beatgrid offsets were not importing from Traktor
  • [Fixed] Total tracks size in Accounts page would show 0 if some tracks had missing size data


8th July 2024

  • [New] Added new Tool for cleaning your library by removing incompatible tracks linking to streaming services
  • [New] Import VDJ - compatible filter folders are now imported as MIXO smart playlists
  • [New] Added new option 'Close All Folders' to the + button menu in the Playlists section
  • [Improved] Performance boost in launch speed and usability for libraries with 1000's of playlists
  • [Improved] Import VDJ - cues with no colour tag in XML are now assigned the default VDJ cue colour based on its position (1-8)
  • [Improved] Import VDJ - Incompatible 'netsearch' and 'vdjcache' links are now excluded during import
  • [Improved] PlayCount is now editable via Track Info (including in bulk)
  • [Fixed] 'Failed Tracks' import modal sometimes appeared multiple times in layers if left unattended
  • [Fixed] Search filter remained after switching playlists without an option to clear it
  • [Fixed] Import Traktor would fail if any smartlist filters resulted in no tracks
  • [Fixed] Deleting folders on mobile was not working


28th June 2024

  • [Improved] MP3 offset improvements
  • [Fixed] Update ID3 tags - tracks with decimal place in BPM failed
  • [Fixed] Update ID3 tags - sometimes tracks would randomly not update
  • [Fixed] Cues would not display in the player if there were loops in the same slot
  • [Fixed] NML parsing would fail if smartlist filters contained ampersands or were incompatible
  • [Fixed] Analysis queue sometimes got stuck if the library contained duplicate tracks
  • [Fixed] Import VDJ - some cue colours were not imported correctly
  • [Fixed] Poor audio quality when iPhone was connected via USB (for CarPlay)
  • [Fixed] Duplicate Finder left empty tracks in playlists


17th June 2024

  • [New] Traktor Smartlists are now imported and exported (incompatible filters will become regular playlists)
  • [New] Downloads page on mobile keeps the phone awake while downloads are active
  • [Improved] Smart Playlist icon (lighting) shows on Import page if playlist is smart (Traktor, Engine DJ)
  • [Improved] Downloaded tracks on other desktop devices can now also be dragged out of MIXO
  • [Improved] Prevented BPM analysis when only analysing waveform data (Import XML/NML/Engine/RB6)
  • [Fixed] Import Serato - some crates were not shown inside their folders
  • [Fixed] Import Serato - fixed an issue that may have led to incorrect order or missing crates
  • [Fixed] Export Serato - tracks with special Turkish letters in the path were broken
  • [Fixed] A gap sometimes appeared below the tracks list after closing the player on desktop
  • [Fixed] Update ID3 tags - cue points were not replaced but added to existing cues resulting in lots of cues


11th June 2024

  • [New] MIXO smart playlists are now exported as Smartlists to Engine DJ (smart playlists with incompatible filters are skipped - filePath, sampleRate, energy, bitRate, size)
  • [New] BPM is now automatically analysed if no BPM is found in the track's tags (only when also analysing waveform data)
  • [New] Added option to analyse BPM in Re-Analyse modal
  • [Improved] Added additional smart playlist conditions Range and In Multiple + guide link from modal
  • [Improved] Prevented automatic logout when offline, so downloaded tracks can still be played
  • [Improved] Original artwork is untouched when using 'Update ID3 Tags'
  • [Fixed] Import VDJ with Do not analyse tracks toggle turned on resulted in no playlist tracks
  • [Fixed] Reordering tracks on desktop and mobile was not working with scroll
  • [Fixed] Duplication would appear when reordering playlists on mobile
  • [Fixed] Modal sizes were incorrect on iPad
  • [Fixed] Import Engine DJ would hang on parsing if no smartlists were found


31st May 2024

  • [New] Engine DJ smart playlists are now imported as MIXO smart playlists
  • [Improved] VDJ 'User1' and 'User2' fields are now imported to Tags (custom tags) column
  • [Improved] Import Traktor - track colours are now imported and exported
  • [Improved] Import RB6 - track colours are now also saved to Colour (as well as to Grouping)
  • [Improved] Further improved Playlist Recovery Tool for items that disappeared when moving to the root
  • [Improved] Increased indentation slightly for nested playlists
  • [Fixed] Analysis occasionally got stuck on last few tracks
  • [Fixed] Import Engine DJ - some playlists were missing or had incorrect playlist tracks
  • [Fixed] Playlists/Folders sometimes disappeared when moving to the root
  • [Fixed] Random error occurred during parsing XML which caused parse to hang
  • [Fixed] Changed text when dragging tracks to other playlists from 'Moving' to 'Copying', since they are only copied


21st May 2024

  • [New] Added option to add tags to selected tracks on mobile (limited to 500 at once for performance reasons)
  • [Improved] Added several code improvements to mitigate import/export failures
  • [Improved] Available tags are now displayed in the Add Tags modal on all devices
  • [Improved] Improved layout and added info icons next to each item in Advanced Settings
  • [Improved] Reduced risk of memory spikes on mobile that might cause a crash
  • [Fixed] Analysis progress occasionally got stuck
  • [Fixed] Drag tracks out of MIXO was not working
  • [Fixed] Some keys were displayed in lowercase
  • [Fixed] File types (kind) imported from iTunes were long and wordy
  • [Fixed] Deleting all tags for a track was not syncing the changes
  • [Fixed] Removing a track's colour was not syncing the changes


15th May 2024

  • [New] Added ability to drag tracks from MIXO to your desktop or DJ software
  • [New] Added Tool to recover/delete playlists and folders that may have unexpectedly disappeared
  • [Improved] Added ability to delete cues from Track Info
  • [Fixed] Cues deleted on desktop were still showing on mobile after sync
  • [Fixed] Import/Export logs were not saving
  • [Fixed] Export Engine DJ failed if no tracks were found in additional databases
  • [Fixed] Serato Overview tags is preserved if exists when writing to ID3 tags
  • [Fixed] Resizing the app window was slow to respond with large libraries
  • [Fixed] Smart Playlist key matching logic was not working correctly for keys with lowercase letters
  • [Fixed] Some sharp notations were missing in key conversion logic
  • [Fixed] Tracks were added to the last-hovered playlist, even after releasing mouse-click elsewhere
  • [Fixed] Playlists/Folders could permanently disappear during reordering


8th May 2024

  • [Fixed] Label (Publisher) was not imported during analysis for M4A/OGG
  • [Fixed] Cues, beatgrids and waveforms were sometimes displayed incorrectly in MIXO for certain MP3s
  • [Fixed] 'Import Complete' modal sometimes appeared multiple times
  • [Fixed] Export Engine DJ - duplication would occur when tracks are on different drives
  • [Fixed] Cue/Loop names with special or accented characters were not exported correctly to Engine Dj or to Track tags
  • [Improved] Added new Advanced setting "MP3 Offset Fix" to fix cues and beatgrid positions when exporting to Engine DJ and VDJ (on by default)
  • [Improved] Greyed-out missing/broken tracks are now fixed on successful Re-Analysis
  • [Improved] Import Engine DJ - now imports data from additional/external drives


29th April 2024

  • [New] More secure login via browser redirect (and ability to use a password manager)
  • [New] More stable sync connection
  • [New] Faster sync to/from the cloud
  • [New] Added an option on mobile (Settings/Advanced) to display extra info in the track-list (Rating, BPM, Key)
  • [New] Added ability to add and edit Smart Playlists on mobile
  • [New] Serato beatgrid data is now imported from and exported to track tags
  • [Improved] Added the 'Key Display Format' setting to mobile as well (Settings/Advanced)
  • [Improved] Applied the correct 'Key Display Format' to keys in the track-list on mobile
  • [Improved] Applied the correct 'Key Display Format' to keys in the player on desktop and mobile
  • [Improved] Smart playlists now match keys based on 'Key Display Format' setting
  • [Improved] Traktor Cues with default "n.n." names are now corrected for import, export and around the app
  • [Improved] Track tags are now displayed and editable from the Track info page
  • [Improved] New VDJ default import path added for Windows
  • [Fixed] Date Added was not imported from Rekordbox XML
  • [Fixed] Import Date was not exported to Traktor NML
  • [Fixed] Release Date was not exported to Traktor NML
  • [Fixed] Track list would appear blank after logout/login
  • [Fixed] Downloaded tracks would get deleted as a result of track list not loading (related to issue above)
  • [Fixed] Upload would hang with nothing to upload after resetting Settings/Debug
  • [Fixed] Smart Playlist logic for 'Match Any' was not working correctly
  • [Fixed] Track list was defaulting to open key format on launch
  • [Fixed] Certain special symbols in VDJ playlist filePaths were not decoded, resulting in incorrect/missing tracks in playlists


5th April 2024

  • [Improved] Added a warning if Engine DJ is open when trying to export
  • [Improved] Larger colour icons for Track and Cue colour picker
  • [Improved] Downloaded tracks on desktop are no longer deleted unless the track is deleted from MIXO
  • [Improved] Beatport streaming links are now imported and exported correctly between Rekordbox, VirtualDJ and Traktor
  • [Improved] Soundcloud streaming links are now imported and exported correctly between Rekordbox and VirtualDJ
  • [Fixed] Incorrect import progress was displayed after subsequent imports
  • [Fixed] Smart Playlists were not updated if "Do not analysis tracks" setting is used for import
  • [Fixed] Streaming from Google Drive on desktop was failing after token expires
  • [Fixed] Import Traktor - beatport link tracks were missing from playlists
  • [Fixed] Import Rekordbox 6 with Exclude Analysis turned on - tracks were not uploaded
  • [Fixed] Export Serato - in rare cases it was not possible to save the export path
  • [Fixed] Export page would still show complete when returning to it
  • [Fixed] Export Engine DJ - random errors could cause incorrect or missing data


16th March 2024

  • [Fixed] Waveforms sometimes did not download from Google on secondary devices
  • [Fixed] Serato cue positions (1-8) were not imported or exported
  • [Fixed] Import Engine DJ could hang on 'Parsing...' in some cases
  • [Fixed] Turning off Auto-Play did not work for playlists
  • [Fixed] Incorrect status in notification area during import
  • [Fixed] Tracks sometimes not deleted from cloud


11th March 2024

  • [Fixed] Import VDJ - sometimes analysis starts again during other steps
  • [Fixed] Import Traktor - some playlists missing tracks


5th March 2024

  • [New] Icons show for imported Beatport/Soundcloud streaming tracks
  • [Improved] Signficantly faster Preparing step for Import Rekordbox 6
  • [Improved] Import VirtualDJ now allows changing XML file locations
  • [Improved] Added estimated time remaining for track uploads on Import Progress page
  • [Improved] Added support for Polish alphabet when exporting to Serato
  • [Fixed] Junk filePaths imported from badly formatted M3U files (including VDJ)
  • [Fixed] Libraries with a lot of folders and playlists are cut off at the bottom of the scroll list
  • [Fixed] Select/Deselect All not working correctly for playlists/folders
  • [Fixed] Unnecessary 'Order' files exported when using Export Playlists (M3U)
  • [Fixed] Track Size not imported from Rekordbox 6
  • [Fixed] Possibility that tracks can get uploaded to root of Google Drive
  • [Fixed] VDJ was not checking additional local drives when searching for XML files
  • [Fixed] Import Traktor shows 0 tracks in playlists if NML drive names contain HTML
  • [Fixed] Several small improvements to mitigate failed Imports/Exports
  • [Fixed] Incorrect volume name exported in Traktor NML on mac
  • [Fixed] Incorrect rating displayed in Windows folders after updating ID3 tags
  • [Fixed] Certain tracks not updated when updating ID3 tags
  • [Fixed] VDJ Virtual Folders and playlists in root of external drives not parsed
  • [Fixed] Key and Energy not imported during M4A analysis
  • [Fixed] Importing specific VDJ playlists results in 0 playlists tracks


23rd January 2024

  • [New] Export to Engine DJ direct
  • [New] Watch Folder - automatically imports tracks added to a folder on your drive (+ syncs to your other devices)
  • [New] VirtualDJ Virtual Folders and Playlists are now parsed and imported together
  • [New] Added option 'Delete Duplicate Cues' to Cue Converter
  • [Improved] Added spinner while fetching cues on Cue Converter tool and improved info
  • [Improved] Now saves Mix (SubTitle), EnergyLevel and Disc# from track tags during analysis
  • [Fixed] Track Info page does not stay open if opened from search results
  • [Fixed] DiscNumber column not working in track list
  • [Fixed] Tapping outside Delete Track modal to close it still deletes track on mobile


9th January 2024

  • [New] Bad Track Remover tool for tracks with bad filePaths that cause problems in exported XML/NML files etc
  • [Fixed] Bad filePaths imported from corrupted Serato crates
  • [Fixed] Hot fix for XML/NML exports related to bad filePaths
  • [Fixed] The new RB6 colour setting did not work in some cases


6th January 2024

  • [New] Cue Conversion tools
  • [New] Cue colour setting (Settings/Advanced) for Rekordbox 6 imports when using COLD1/COLD2 or COLORFUL in Rekordbox Preferences
  • [Improved] Available space check now checks download folder location rather than just the local drive
  • [Improved] Memory cue colours now imported from Rekordbox 6
  • [Improved] Duplicate checker - grouped tracks are now sorted by size, then bitRate, then playlist tracks, then cues (with the selected option being last)
  • [Improved] Duplicate checker - groups are now sorted so the most duplicates are displayed first
  • [Fixed] Serato crates with special characters are not parsed correctly
  • [Fixed] Analysis fails to find/save metadata for certain tracks
  • [Fixed] Cues/Loop names with accented or special characters don't import correctly from ID3 tags
  • [Fixed] Export DJXML - if the first track in the Library section (Id="0") exists in playlists, the playlist track is not exported
  • [Fixed] Update ID3 Tags - partial fix for writing cues with special characters (cues now written but names are not shown in Serato)
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