Release Notes









  • New: Cue point colours and names are now also imported from track ID3 tags.
  • New: Cue points saved to track ID3 using Serato are now imported.
  • New: Added a link to Debug page where users can easily find their MIXO installation folder.
  • Fixed: 'Select Playlist' modal not showing for Import NML.
  • Fixed: iTunes export not working in other software.
  • Fixed: Issue where playback would stop after streaming a few tracks on a second computer.
  • Fixed: Occasional error where on login it would show "user already logged in".
  • Fixed: Rare error that might cause the app to freeze and require reinstalling.
  • Fixed: Bug that allowed tracks to continue playing after logout.
  • Fixed: Bug where the app would forget the user and cause sync issues.
  • Fixed: Bug where playlists created offline on mobile get removed after going online.
  • Fixed: Bug where Parsing import stage always shows "Waiting".
  • Fixed: Bug that would show "URI Malformed" for some tracks imported via Virtual DJ XML.
  • Fixed: Bug where the mobile app would need to be restarted to play tracks offline.
  • Fixed: Bug where downloaded playlists would not play offline.



  • New: Added Download Queue.
  • New: Added 'Upload Track' to context menu for instances where a track did not upload correctly.
  • New: Added "Refresh Sync Status" button to Sync page for instances where the status is not immediately refreshed after connecting.
  • New: Improved import progress text.
  • New: Added import progress for all import types.
  • New: Shuffle icon stays pink when active on mobile Queue.
  • New: Connect cloud storage links now open in system browser on mobile.
  • Fixed: Various issues with Google Drive tokens, causing sync to fail, disconnect or display error modals.
  • Fixed: 'Duplicate tracks' modal not showing for Serato import.
  • Fixed: Bug where Tracks were not deleted from cloud storage when deleted in MIXO.



  • New: Users can now sign-in to cloud storage from mobile.
  • New: Improved help text on mobile All Tracks (with no tracks).
  • New: Improved help text on mobile Sync page (if not connected).
  • New: Added "No connection" alert modal.
  • New: Separated import error messages for: file is too large, file is corrupt and file is missing.
  • New: "Sync not connected" replaces sync spinner when not connected.
  • New: Added desktop search for selected track-list.
  • New: Added "Analysis failed" alert modal.
  • New: Added "Upload failed: Token not valid" alert modal.
  • New: Added analysis/upload failed errors to import log CSV.
  • Fixed: Selected (checked) tracks stay checked whilst the track-list refreshes during import.
  • Fixed: When dragging tracks from All Tracks, All Tracks remains focussed to avoid confusion.
  • Fixed: Bug with NML import.
  • Fixed: Memory leak during import.
  • Fixed: Downloaded playlist tracks getting removed on iOS on each launch.
  • Fixed: "Upload to cloud error" modal from repeatedly showing in the event of an error.
  • Fixed: Right-aligned track-list in Playlists causing misaligned headers.
  • Fixed: Clear Cache button causing white screen.
  • Fixed: Auto-exports.
  • Fixed: "Check for updates" turning off after reload window.



  • Fixed: Bug with AIFF files causing crash on analysis



  • Fixed: Sync bug causing excessive requests.
  • Fixed: Download All Music on desktop.
  • Fixed: Download playlist toggle on desktop.



  • New: When settings page is open change icon to back arrow.
  • New: Improved method for password reset.
  • New: Improved register sequence.
  • Fixed: Blank screen on Windows devices with touch screen.
  • Fixed: Occasional error on launch.



  • Fixed: Windows touch screen fix
  • Fixed: Cloud Sync fix



  • New: Connecting cloud storage is now performed via system browser.
  • New: Right-click any playlist to export as M3U.
  • New: Added progress bars to import pages, for each stage of import.
  • New: Re-Analyse tracks feature (right-click track), with option to import and overwrite cues.
  • New: Enabled the ability to select random tracks without the need to hold command/control.
  • Fixed: Google Drive sign-in giving not secure error
  • Fixed: Various unhandled errors.
  • Fixed: Pull to refresh on mobile.
  • Fixed: Mini-player progress bar on mobile.
  • Fixed: Fixed select + delete tracks on mobile.
  • Fixed: Bug where imported folders were immediately removed.



  • New: Downloadable desktop playlists!
  • New: Improved Download All Music feature.
  • New: Added mobile Clear Cache feature in Debug section to fix issues after update.
  • New: Added Clear Cache feature in View menu on desktop menu to fix issues after update.
  • New: Add tracks to Playlists and Favourites from anywhere.
  • New: Added keyboard shortcuts - Ctrl for Win, Command for Mac; +A for Select All tracks, +N for new Playlist, +1-8 to play cue points in Player.
  • New: Added markers to display information during launch (to help debug blank screen on Windows, if bug persists).
  • New: Added support for M3U exported from Virtual Dj.
  • New: Changed Playlist + icon to arrow that opens context menu.
  • New: Added register link to mobile login page (opens browser).
  • New: Added background to avoid white screen during reload/clear cache.
  • New: Added progress details to import pages.
  • New: Limited MIXO access to only MIXO folder in Google Drive (removes security warnings).
  • Fixed: Resizeable track-list column drag bar working on opposite side.
  • Fixed: Occasional sync loop which might cause sync delay.
  • Fixed: Handlers to reduce silent errors.
  • Fixed: Toast alerts for failed and for successful imports.
  • Fixed: JavaScript error when try to import Serato without selecting correct file.
  • Fixed: Bug where you could only add single tracks to the Queue.
  • Fixed: Checkboxes staying selected after leaving the current track-list or performing an action.
  • Fixed: Playlists staying highlighted when in Settings pages.
  • Fixed: Failed imports showing success message.
  • Fixed: Flashing waveform.
  • Fixed: Issue where shift-select would only allow selecting tracks in current view.
  • Fixed: Duplicate tracks getting re-analysed.
  • Fixed: Duplicate tracks getting added to the Upload Queue where they stay forever.
  • Fixed: Context menu position in Queue.
  • Fixed: Track-list hidden by mini-player in Queue.
  • Fixed: 'Track info' link in Queue context menu.
  • Fixed: Made some desktop code improvements to improve stability (may fix rare Windows blank screen).
  • Fixed: Register, reset password and login forces lowercase (mitigates login issues).
  • Fixed: Serato import.
  • Fixed: Playlist checkboxes no longer get checked when you right-click.



  • New: Drag and drop! Drag tracks from All Tracks into playlists, playlists into folders, folders into folders.
  • New: Shift-click to select a range of tracks.
  • New: Command-click (Mac) or Control-click (Win, Lin) to select individual tracks.
  • New: Moved checkboxes and reorder icons to the left to make it easier with horizontal scroll.
  • New: Missing Track modal shows name of track.
  • New: Artwork automatically refreshes during download sync.
  • Fixed: Google Drive sync issues.
  • Fixed: Improved Sync reliability and speed.
  • Fixed: Hang on loading screen on Windows.
  • Fixed: Memory leak for imports.
  • Fixed: Sporadic js pop-up error on Windows.
  • Fixed: Bug where double tapping back (to home) goes to blank page on mobile.



  • New: Right-click track-list headings to customise columns.
  • New: Resize and reorder track-list columns.
  • New: Import folders containing tracks using drag/drop.
  • New: When playing a track from All Tracks, only that track is added to the Queue for increased performance with large libraries.
  • New: Accepted file type shown in import button text.
  • New: Export buttons moved to Import/Export pages.
  • New: Help text for empty track-lists.
  • New: Help text on Sync page.
  • New: New Settings icons.
  • New: Back button for track-info page on desktop.
  • New: Improved performance for large track-lists on mobile.
  • New: Playlists and folders now load instantly on launch on mobile and without data connection.
  • New: Simple checkbox to select all tracks in track-list on desktop.
  • New: Improved speed at which tracks are added to a playlist (now bulk added in one).
  • New: Simplified and improved context menus.
  • New: If a track is missing, playback continues with next track in Queue.
  • Fixed: Typos.
  • Fixed: Track time displaying in seconds.
  • Fixed: Queue on mobile showing 0 tracks.
  • Fixed: Queue on mobile displaying tracks in reverse order.
  • Fixed: Bug where the database sometimes did not load on mobile.
  • Fixed: Bug where you could not add a single track to a playlist.
  • Fixed: Bug where auto-export intervals all exported at 5 mins.
  • Fixed: User Reset now clears Analysis and Upload Queues.
  • Fixed: User Reset now displays "Succeeded" if it succeeds (try again if "Failed").
  • Fixed: Context menus getting cut off at the edge of the track list.
  • Fixed: Sort by column reverting after a few seconds.
  • Fixed: No Playlist titles showing on mobile app when no data connection.
  • Fixed: Bug where duplicate tracks were getting added to playlists causing strange issues.
  • Fixed: Empty auto-export XMLs.
  • Fixed: Issue where the app must be refreshed after connecting Dropbox in order for data to sync to cloud database.
  • Fixed: Flicker on mobile track-lists.
  • Fixed: Issue where streaming on second device or mobile would sometimes show missing track modal.
  • Fixed: Bug where it was not possible to download playlists.
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