3rd September, 2021



30th July, 2021

  • [Improved] Queue simplified
  • [Improved] Space Bar behaviour on Mac
  • [Improved] Tracks loading on Mobile
  • [Improved] Playlists slow to load on mobile
  • [Fixed] Mobile flicker in player
  • [Fixed] Queue track order incorrect
  • [Fixed] 'Preparing' and spinners still show after import
  • [Fixed] Right-Click deselects playlists
  • [Fixed] Autoplay doesn't add tracks to queue
  • [Fixed] Context menu is cut off
  • [Fixed] Sorting resets after viewing queue
  • [Fixed] Reset MIXO doesn't disconnect cloud
  • [Fixed] High memory usage when scrolling
  • [Fixed] Rekordbox import with Beatport Link Tracks
  • [Fixed] Rekordbox 6 import failed
  • [Fixed] Mixed in Key cues imported instead of Serato
  • [Fixed] Serato import missing Beatgrid
  • [Fixed] Serato import missing BPM data
  • [Fixed] Serato not adding every track from crate
  • [Fixed] Progress: Overview incorrect statuses
  • [Fixed] Progress: Cancel Upload
  • [Fixed] VirtualDJ export colour values
  • [Fixed] Messages move UI
  • [Fixed] Can’t close Messages
  • [Fixed] Playlists and Folders order
  • [Fixed] Desktop: Reorder Playlist Scroll
  • [Fixed] Failed list can get too long
  • [Fixed] Reset Local: Playlists still exist
  • [Fixed] Dragging to playlists causes playlists to move
  • [Fixed] Sorting reverts to previous state
  • [Fixed] Android: Multiple accounts shows the wrong library
  • [Fixed] Android: Back button doesn't work


21st June, 2021


24th May, 2021


20th May, 2021


26th April, 2021

  • [New] Rekordbox 6 import
  • [Improved] Pause Upload feature
  • [Improved] Overview shows paused status
  • [Improved] Upload Artwork speed increased
  • [Improved] Back arrow on mobile
  • [Fixed] NML import stuck on preparing
  • [Fixed] Virtual DJ cuepoints in incorrect order
  • [Fixed] Pause Upload button shows when there are no tracks uploading
  • [Fixed] Syncing Issues between different secondary desktop devices
  • [Fixed] Connection errors during upload
  • [Fixed] New playlists added to MIXO show across devices, but with 0 tracks
  • [Fixed] Pause button during Upload Artwork or Upload Tracks
  • [Fixed] Uploading after lost internet connection during import
  • [Fixed] Special characters in track name causes upload to hang
  • [Fixed] Analysis error can cause Upload Artwork to get stuck on ‘Preparing...’
  • [Fixed] High memory use when importing large libraries
  • [Fixed] Upload Artwork gets stuck due to some artworks not moving from the queue
  • [Fixed] Matching number of Tracks in ‘All Tracks’ and ‘Analysed’ during import


13th April, 2021

  • [New] Progress Refresh Button added
  • [Fixed] Autoplay doesn't work in all tracks
  • [Fixed] MIXO gets stuck on preparing artwork
  • [Fixed] Resetting MIXO can fail with errors
  • [Fixed] Deleting multiple folders shows a modal for each folder
  • [Fixed] Select all > delete shows deleted folders
  • [Fixed] Volume starts as default then updates to local setting
  • [Fixed] MIXO ignores volume slider
  • [Fixed] Missing tracks feature not working
  • [Fixed] GDrive cloud does not work for playing tracks on 2nd devices.
  • [Fixed] Delay after Analysis (Import Tracks)
  • [Fixed] Reset MIXO not working on mobile
  • [Fixed] Reset local mobile not working
  • [Fixed] Adding tracks to playlists is slow
  • [Fixed] 'Preparing' in the status bar doesn't link


6th April, 2021

  • [Fixed] Sync on second devices


1st April, 2021


23rd March, 2021


15th March, 2021


1st March, 2021

  • [New] Track Not Found - Alert Icon added
  • [New] Massive increase in analysis performance
  • [New] Syncing Numbers added to top left
  • [Improved] Show loading wheel until all import steps are complete
  • [Improved] Seeking on the waveform
  • [Improved] Artwork upload speeds increased
  • [Fixed] Mobile info rating displaying incorrectly
  • [Fixed] Settings page overlaping other pages when switching
  • [Fixed] Failed to analyse tracks causing upload to hang
  • [Fixed] Missing tracks still imported (XML, NML) without error
  • [Fixed] Failed import modal not showing
  • [Fixed] 'VirtualDJ' typos
  • [Fixed] Artwork Upload Numbers now match the number in Overview
  • [Fixed] iTunes import failing
  • [Fixed] Dropbox artwork upload error
  • [Fixed] Large Library import upload artwork step taking hours on 'Preparing...'
  • [Fixed] Occasional playback errors caused by decoder
  • [Fixed] Upload Progress page is inconsistent
  • [Fixed] The Currently Uploading list shows ALL tracks currently being uploaded
  • [Fixed] 'Ready...' showing in Overview for certain processes after quit/refresh
  • [Fixed] Crash during upload artwork
  • [Fixed] Import encoded paths in M3U files


11th February, 2021


3rd February, 2021


19th January, 2021

  • [Fixed] Deleting tracks while uploading causes errors
  • [Fixed] Playlist track count after import is wrong
  • [Fixed] Tracks with bad filepath cause analysis to work incorrectly
  • [Fixed] Duplicates in m3u cause analysis to hang
  • [Fixed] Tracks without artwork cause upload to hang
  • [Fixed] Hide track names in log now works correctly
  • [Fixed] Tracks with badly formed metadata did not import
  • [Fixed] Debug > Open AppData now opens the correct folder
  • [Fixed] Downloaded folder structure matches that in Dropbox
  • [Fixed] Duplicate tracks still count towards syncing total


30th December, 2020

  • [New] Sync continues in background on mobile
  • [Fixed] iTunes XML import
  • [Fixed] Star rating changes update in track list immediately
  • [Fixed] Imported m3u playlists are no longer empty
  • [Fixed] Space bar works for playlist names
  • [Fixed] Dropbox folder structure mirrors local


24th December, 2020


3rd September, 2020

  • [New] Export playlist format selection
  • [New] Pause upload
  • [New] Spacebar to play/pause
  • [New] Keyboard shortcuts info page
  • [New] Terms and privacy links added to the login page
  • [New] Change name in settings
  • [New] Menu in application top bar
  • [New] Frameless window for Windows
  • [New] Success message for using the Magic Link forgotten password method
  • [New] Media controls for player control
  • [New] Progress status for analysis and upload
  • [New] Animated waveform toggle
  • [New] Currently playing playlist highlighted with icon
  • [Improved] Default cue point names
  • [Improved] Reduced time it takes for AIFF tracks to begin playing
  • [Improved] Features display when resetting the MIXO app
  • [Improved] Serato cues are numbered starting at 1
  • [Improved] Updated AppData page
  • [Improved] Drag preview to show number of tracks selected
  • [Improved] Added 'X' to toast messages
  • [Fixed] Duplicate tracks not added to playlist when importing from Serato
  • [Fixed] Tracks not uploading if Cloud storage connected during import
  • [Fixed] Upload tracks context menu with multiple tracks
  • [Fixed] Track length display for tracks longer than 1 hour
  • [Fixed] Memory leak when importing with low disk space
  • [Fixed] Playlist slow to load with large library
  • [Fixed] VirtualDJ failed import
  • [Fixed] Selecting all tracks no longer expands the waveform
  • [Fixed] Scrolling with touch controls on All Tracks
  • [Fixed] Drag/drop tracks not accepting uppercase suffixes.


3rd August, 2020

  • [New] UI Changes to tree view and settings menu
  • [New] Clear queue context menu
  • [Fixed] Mobile: Sync restarts playing track
  • [Fixed] Downloaded Playlists on 2nd Desktop
  • [Fixed] Shuffle restarts tracks on mobile
  • [Fixed] Duplicating waveform on mobile
  • [Fixed] Occasional error on login
  • [Fixed] 'Parse' on Import view for tracks should say 'Complete'
  • [Fixed] Upload progress bar
  • [Fixed] Parsing progress bar disappearing
  • [Fixed] Mobile: All Tracks disappear after entering a playlist
  • [Fixed] Default order of All tracks on Mobile is sorted in reverse to desktop
  • [Fixed] Reset User giving error
  • [Fixed] Long delay with single click to play track, double click plays immediately
  • [Fixed] DJXML: Only importing playlists
  • [Fixed] Mobile 'Handling the request for' toast
  • [Improved] "No Internet" text
  • [Improved] Updated Settings menu
  • [Improved] Import page
  • [Improved] Cloud sync button
  • [Improved] Deleting tracks speed
  • [Improved] Queue improvements
  • [Improved] Mobile button click-area
  • [Improved] Register page improvements


8th July, 2020


25th June, 2020


12th June, 2020


27th May, 2020


22nd May, 2020


14th May, 2020


8th May, 2020


22nd April, 2020


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3rd April, 2020


18th March, 2020


6th March, 2020

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