MIXO allows DJs and music lovers to stream their own music on the go whilst actively syncing their tracks across their desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

MIXO automatically uploads music to your Dropbox or Google drive accounts

MIXO simply references your music in the cloud so songs can be played through the app and on the go.

Offline Mode

With your music in the cloud, MIXO has the ability to download songs, albums & entire playlists to the app so you can listen to and manage your music when there is no internet connection.


MIXO allows DJs to move & manage their music across Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems when jumping between different DJ Software. It means DJs can easily and safely export and import their music by using the MIXO Sync feature.

MIXO will automatically upload and mirror your current music library format and save it to a MIXO database. This database is then referenced whenever music is played and edited on the MIXO App.

If playlists, albums or songs are updated on the go, MIXO will sync those changes with all other devices or offer the option to ignore the changes. This collision detection feature ensures consistency on all devices at all times.

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