Powerful features to help organise your DJ library, for just $7 per month.


Your DJ library to all your devices.

Edit tracks, update playlists, add cue points and prepare your music on the go or in the studio and MIXO will sync your changes to all your devices.

MIXO on a laptop, desktop and phone
Editing track info with MIXO mobile


Your library to nearly all DJ apps.

Export to almost any DJ Software, complete with all your playlists, beatgrids, cues and custom metadata.

Supports Rekordbox, Serato, Engine DJ, Virtual DJ, TRAKTOR, iTunes, Apple Music and many more using M3U exports.

MIXO mobile player with track cue points


Build playlists & smart playlists

Download and import new music on your computer, head out the door and organise tracks from your phone. Once finished, MIXO will sync your changes to all your devices.

Update track info & cues.

Edit the finer details of your tracks, from star ratings to individual cue points. Make changes on the go and MIXO will sync them to all your devices.


Find duplicates & missing tracks.

Relocate missing tracks or clean your library by removing duplicates, whilst keeping your playlists intact. Find orphaned tracks that don't exist in any playlists.

Convert keys & cues.

Keep things organised by converting all keys to Open or Musical format, or convert all Hot cues to Memory cues, plus many more useful tools and features.

Deleting a track from your library using MIXO mobile