Cloud DJ Library

Cloud Sync Library Software for DJs

MIXO (currently in beta) is the world's first multi platform Cloud DJ Library service that will sync a DJs entire music collection from their own private cloud storage to all their devices.

DJs can manage, sync & play their own music across iOS, Android, Windows, Mac & Linux devices in both on and offline modes.

MIXO is incredibly easy to use & works with both Google Drive & Dropbox cloud storage. DJs simply import their playlists or collections on the desktop app, connect to their Dropbox or Google Drive Cloud in app & MIXO will upload all their music to their private cloud copying their local folder structure.

DJs can then download MIXO on any of their other desktop or mobile devices & sync with their new Cloud Library. They can then download, play and manage their music on any device and use the offline mode.

Changes made in MIXO will automatically sync and update back to the DJs central library.

MIXO offers DJs 3 core features which are included in the 2 subscription options available to them in MIXO:DESKTOP & MIXO:GOLD:


MIXO:BRIDGE helps DJs import & export their playlists or entire collections easily between different DJ Software.

Each DJ Software tends to handle music transfers in different formats, such as Rekordbox XML, Traktor NML or Serato Crates, which makes it incredibly hard for DJs to move their music without losing edits, cue points, tracks or even entire playlists.

MIXO:BRIDGE Imports & Exports playlists and collections between all the Major DJ Software and aims to retain all edits and cues in the process.


Android & iOS users can use MIXO:GOLD accounts to utilise the cloud sync features. The MIXO mobile app lets DJs sync tracks and playlists from their Cloud library to play, manage and edit their music on the go.

MIXO:MOBILE includes Offline Mode so users can download tracks or playlists to their local device before disconnecting from WiFi, getting on a plane or just travelling somewhere remote.


DJs often switch between laptops or need easy ways to migrate music from one local device to another for music management or set prep.

MIXO:BACKUP allows DJs to download specific playlists or their entire collection from their cloud library to a new device.

MIXO retains the primary devices folder structure when uploading to the cloud, so it will organise tracks in the same format when downloading to a new device.


MIXO:DESKTOP is free for all to download and use on one primary desktop device. This includes the local MIXO library solution as well as MIXO:BRIDGE for importing and exporting to and from different DJ Software.

MIXO:GOLD is for DJs who wish to use MIXO:MOBILE & MIXO:BACKUP features, it’s just £5 a month and works with Dropbox & Google Drive. Other integrations to be announced.

Google (15GB) & Dropbox (2GB) both offer free accounts but larger, paid for options are available at low monthly prices.


Music Files

MIXO supports MP3, AAC/M4A, WAV, OGG, FLAC and AIFF music files. We are also open to looking at video file support within MIXO.

Import/Export Formats

Import collections & playlists in XML, NML, CSV, M3U or Crates

Export collections & playlists in XML, CSV, M3U & NML

MIXO System Requirements

Compatible OS MacOS 10.10 (Yosemite) 64-bit or later
Windows 7 64-bit or later
- Ubuntu 12.04
- Fedora 21
- Debian 8
iOS 11
Android 7.0
CPU Intel Core i3, i5, i7 or equivalent AMD Processor
Memory 4GB or more of RAM
Storage 300MB or more of disk space (not including space required for music storage)
Internet connection Internet connection is required to log in to MIXO and to sync library to the cloud

MIXO is still in beta so we would welcome more users to try out our 3 features and let us know what we could do to improve the app.

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